Unlock Leadership Potential(1)
[Date : 3 August 2018 ]
ความรวยหรือความสุข Mid Life Crisis ของผู้นำ (1)
[Date : 6 June 2018 ]
Talent iceberg of Leadership
[Date : 10 May 2018 ]

Leadership Academy @ Rai Jai Yim

Leadership Academy @ Rai Jai yim

The Power of Back-To-Nature Leadership Academy @ Rai  Jai yim
Boutique camp empowers seen and unseen leadership potential

Praise for Leadership Academy @ Rai Jai Yim

        "Leadership Academy @ Rai Jai Yim is inspring. Diverse activities is a key opening door toward new breed of leadership DNA for being well balance among two pillars of leadership foundation i.e. strength, flexibility and endurance of physical body as well as constructive, can do and smiling mindset/attitude.
        This have made Rai Jai Yim so unique that no one else can offer these right combination of profession / energetic team, beautiful site, end excellent supporting facilities & programs.I certainly want to be there again...."
Rawat Leepaisomboon
IT Infrastructure & Operation Director
Minor Information Technology

         "I've learnt a lot from these "Mission Impossible Challenges' desingned by Kris. If I face the challenges alone, they seem impossible, but when we value the differences within the team and improvise different solutions, we can see new paradigms and turn these impossible mission into possible actions,"

 Manson  Shenakul
Business Development Director
Advenced Technology Equipment


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