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Kanchanaburi leadership academy

Rai Jai Yim-Kanchanaburi Leadership Academy

    Leadership is like a steel sword forged from brittle iron through a process of heating and pounding by a master sword-smith. A leader's inner strengths, both physical and mental, can only be manifest when he or she is tested by hard work and in the crucible of leadership situations, says Kris Ruyaporn, chief executive of Asia Pacific Innovation Centre and founder of the Leadership Academy @ Rai Jai Yim.

    The Leadership Academy @ Rai Jai Yim in Kanchanaburi is a back-to-nature leadership and adventure boot camp whose aim is to discover seen and unseen leadership potential and empower "Hi-trust Hi-Performance" teams by using an adventure-based learning process that incorporates the principles of Kris' book "SMILE - The DNA of leadership Happiness".

Top executive teams from leading companies including Osotspa, Thai Beverage, GlaxoSmithKline, Minor Group, ABB, A-host, Advanced Technology Equipment, PICO Thailand, TIPCO, LEO group of companies and Thai Film Industries have visited and tried their hand at the seven "Mission Impossible Challenges" set up on 111 rai in Rai Jai Yim, which faces a big lake in front and a mountain range at the back.

Kris is a strong believer in unlimited and unseen leadership potential. Besides Rai Jai Yim, he has organised similar outdoor leadership development programmes for executives in various places such as Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and South Asia's Himalayan mountains.

At Rai Jai Yim, Kris simulates not just the adventurous paths of the seven highest summits in the world, but also rope and rock climbing, biking, canoeing, catapult building, back-to-nature farming and blue ocean fishing challenges.

These adventure-based challenges can help executives, talent leaders and professionals discover their inner leadership potential, shift their paradigm from fear-based to "brave-heart-based" thinking, unleash their unseen potential and develop shared leadership skills to co-create, design, plan, communicate, organise and implement innovative solutions to overcome these challenges.

"I've learnt a lot from these 'Mission Impossible Challenges' designed by Ajarn Kris. If I face the challenges alone, they seem impossible, but when we value the differences within the team and improvise different solutions, we can see new paradigms and turn these impossible missions into possible actions," said Manson Shenakul, business development director of Advanced Technology Equipment.

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