Unlock Leadership Potential(1)
[Date : 3 August 2018 ]
ความรวยหรือความสุข Mid Life Crisis ของผู้นำ (1)
[Date : 6 June 2018 ]
Talent iceberg of Leadership
[Date : 10 May 2018 ]

Unlock Leadership Potential @ Rai Jai Yim

Praise for Unlock Leadership Potential @ Rai Jai Yim

"When we were hanging on the cliff, feeling alone, reading the new terrain during Rock Climbing Challenge @ Rai Jai Yim , colleagues down below did shout & cheer us up, helped us read through the path into the new direction. The moment that we crossed the line from colleagues to trusted friends, it was really big. When you work as a team and do trust your friends with your heart, you can do anything."


Viriya Chongphaisal
General Manager
GlaxoSmithKline (Thailand) Limited

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration", Thomas Edison once said. I believe the same is true for "Leadership".
Like a sword of steel made out of brittle iron rod forged through the process of heating and pounding by master sword-smith, a leader,s inner strengths, physical and mental, can be manifested by no other means but the test of grievous hard work and seemingly-punishing circumstances. What's more , a great leader of this "green" genneration is expected to have a great heart too! These are things no amount of classroom education can ever produce. Rai Jai Yim under its founder and current host, Khun Kris Ruyaporn, can be either taken simple as a sanctuary for those who are seeking the warmth of friendship in natural solitude or purposefully utilized as a training boot camp where, with the help of the host and his team, hidden leaders qualities could be rediscovered and strengthened. For those like me,who are normally indulged in urban comfort and in delusion of self-proclaimed superiority, you may find that Khun Kris's craftily-designed course is quite honestly demanding , humiliating at times, and seems never going to stop. But if you can muster your energy and make it throug the end, all that remains will be a better understanding of you own potential, amazingly restful sleep that you nearly forget how it's like, and most importantly, unforgettable memories of joy."


Bunprasit Tangchaisuk
Chief Executive Officer
Application Hosting Services


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